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“I’ve always wanted to provide humanitarian aid”

  Natalie Faddul, 31, is a doctor from Hamburg. She lived in Berlin for twelve years, where she began her residency in internal medicine – until she came to Greece in May 2020. She planned to stay for a few weeks only, but ended up staying on a humanitarian aid mission until now. When the […]

“Most of the parents feel helpless” – “I usually explain to them that their children are normal, but the circumstances are not”

  Alexandra Osterhues is a specialist doctor for children and adolescent psychiatry and psychotherapy in training, coming from Hannover. Her first mission with MVI took her to Lesvos where she supported a mental health project that aims to provide stability and psychological care to young children and their parents in this very difficult environment. How […]

“It’s important to me to see the individual person” // “What we do is not charity. Health care is a human right” “I had more confidence in the EU before.”

  Nicolai Kissling recently finished his medical studies. After graduating, the medic from Hamburg decided to use his free time to volunteer in Thessaloniki for a month. He knows his efforts can’t change everything, but with his medical training, he’s eager to lend a hand where help is needed. What made you decide to help […]

The situation on Lesvos – our doctor Amar providing insights

1 year after the burning of Moria, there is hardly anymore attention for the people there. Asylum procedures have been accelerated – many refugees received a rejected asylum decision and are now on the Greek mainland or have disappeared. Due to the strict border controls of the coast guards and “illegal pushbacks” hardly any people […]

Quaranteam – Our volunteers telling about their time in quarantine

Corona has turned many things upside down, including the start of our volunteers on site. Currently, you (still) have to go into quarantine in one of our accommodations before things can really get started. In our MVI – QUARANTEAM Edition, we introduce you to new arrivals who are or have been in quarantine due to […]