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Physio-Center on Lesbos complements MVI’s offer

No one has continuously provided physiotherapy for refugees, so we are now the first one to offer this specific kind of support. Most of our patients suffer from chronic back, neck and shoulder pain. Most of this pain is due to injuries caused by the living conditions at Moria Camp, lack of physical activity, bad […]


„Every Day is a challenge“- Interview with Kai Wittstock

MVI provides humanitarian aid. The NGO works at three locations in Greece with volunteers, doctors, nurses and translators to provide medical care for refugees. In particular, refugees who are staying there illegally and therefore have no access to health care are being supported by MVI. But how does the work actually unfold? What are the […]

Regular supporters needed!

To be able to provide support for approx. 800 patients week by week in Greece we need to organise enough volunteers – that’s why we need donations. Also the ambulance, rental cars, medication and accommodation cost money. Even if this is only a tiny portion of the costs for a professional organisation with paid staff […]

We exist, because our help is urgently needed!

Welcome to our website of Medical Volunteers International (registered charity in Germany). We formed a new organisation to support the work locally. Our organisation consists of medical staff, activists, friends and interested public, who want to support human dignity for everyone. We don’t want to continue to witness people who left their home without or […]

Get active in Hamburg!

Our team in Hamburg needs support in fundraising and administration. Our new organisation needs urgently help with coordinating our volunteers and fundraising at our office in Hamburg. Also for quality management we need helping hands and clever heads! All volunteers are welcome. We are a small team of people who want to make a difference. […]