WANTED: 1-2 Projektmitarbeiter:innen/ Allrounder:innen für unsere neu entstehende MVI ONLINE COMMUNITY

Mit 20 – 40h / Woche arbeitest du vor allem beim Auf,- und Ausbau unserer, durch das deutsche Hilfswerk finanzierten, MVI ONLINE COMMUNITY mit. Ziel der MVI ONLINE COMMUNITY ist es, Geflüchteten und hier neu ankommenden Menschen Begleitung, Vernetzung und Unterstützung in verschiedenen Bereichen zur Verfügung zu stellen. In Kooperation mit diversen medizinisch qualifizierten Ehrenamtlichen, entstehen Angebote wie Online- Sprachcafés, Frauen*Gruppen, Anlaufpunkte für psychosoziale Unterstützung und vieles mehr. Diese online Angebote auf- und auszubauen, zu koordinieren, zu bewerben und zu evaluieren – das sind deine wichtigsten Aufgaben. Wir wünschen uns außerdem Unterstützung bei anderen Aktivtäten des Vereins. Deswegen sind wir auf der Suche nach einer Person, die Lust auf Teamwork, Projektarbeit sowie Öffentlichkeitsarbeit und Vernetzung hat.

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We are urgently looking for a Finance Manager to start immediately in Hamburg.

You can find more information here: Ausschreibung Finanzmanagement


We are looking for a medical coordinator to support our team in Thessaloniki. Applications from doctors, nurses and paramedics are welcome. Ideally, you have more than two years of working experience in your field of expertise.
You are supporting the team in organising the daily operations of our medical work, take leadership and represent MVI to the public. You are an immensely important part in making sure that the processes on the ground work and that our team of doctors, nurses, translators, physiotherapists and medical students on the ground know where they are needed.
Please share the post and pass the information to friends and acquaintances. Anyone interested can apply by sending an email to volunteer@medical-volunteers.org.
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In this newsletter, we will share our new project in Serbia, our new clinic in Thessanolik, our social integration project in Germany and more.

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In autumn 2022, we will start our MVI meets Friends Tour through Germany. During our tour, we want to draw attention to the ongoing catastrophic situation at the EU’s external borders, we want to show you ways to get involved, we want to meet other associations/organisations and initiatives and YOU.

You can find all the news about the tour at: https://medical-volunteers.org/mvi-meets-friends

Im Herbst 2022 ist es soweit, wir starten unsere MVI meets Friends Infotour durch Deutschland. Im Rahmen unserer Tour wollen wir auf die fortlaufend katastrophale Lage an den EU-Außengrenzen aufmerksam machen, wir wollen euch Möglichkeiten zum Engagement aufzeichen, wir wollen andere Vereine/Organsiationen und Initativen und euch kennenlernen und/oder wiedertreffen.

Alle News zur Tour findet ihr unter : https://medical-volunteers.org/mvi-meets-friends

After we started the project HilfsBUS in March, shortly after the Russian invasion, the goal was to facilitate the way from Ukraine to Europe for as many people as possible. After the first successful journeys, however, the need became apparent elsewhere. People with special protection needs, BiPOC, Sinti and Roma and others have to struggle with a difficult border crossing. Likewise, many relief goods have to be transported to Ukraine. At this point we decided to start the cooperation project “Humanitarian Transport”, in which we are now evacuating people who need help crossing the border into the EU as well as transporting relief goods to Ukraine.

You can read more about the project here: https://medical-volunteers.org/humanitarian-transport/.

If you have any questions just send a mail to: HumanitarianTransport@medical-volunteers.org


Unfortunately, violence against people living in Ukraine continues to increase and our team remains dedicated to providing medical care to anyone in need.

These are reflections and thoughts of our team working on the ground in Ukraine.

INTRO: ‘’While the clouds of war are roaring across the meadows of Eastern Ukraine, an endless caravan of buses is lingering towards the promises of the setting sun.’’ (Words by Jaka, Medical Student)

MORNING: ‘’ We were just starting our shift and were called straight to a car. There we found a woman who appeared very unwell, she was sweating, had blue lips and was complaining of chest pain. At first she did not want to be treated. The team was very concerned about her wellbeing and we explained this to her, after which she agreed to an assessment. After a short medical review and an ECG we diagnosed her with a suspected myocardial infarcation  and she was urgently transported to the nearest hospital by our ambulance, accompanied by one of our medics ’’. (Words by Mirjam, MVI Nurse)

SOCIAL: ‘’ For me, the social aspect of these kinds of projects is the most important. Working directly at the border crossing you do not only see people leaving, you witness families and couples being separated. While women and children can leave the country for safety, men between the ages of 18-60 have to stay behind. On most days you will see a lot of people approaching you with anxiety and stress symptoms. Many of these patients have said that seeing so many international volunteers who care about them and their situation has a big impact on the way they are feeling. Sometimes giving them a smile or a big hug is the best medicine. Even though you’re not always seeing so many patients, talking to people or playing football with kids while they wait for many hours to to leave the country is really meaningful ’’. (Words by Merle, MVI Volunteer, Paramedic and Medical Student)

CONTRAPUNCT: ‘’ We felt so loved and cared for on Ukranian Easter Holiday. Even at the darkest and most distressing time for their country, the Ukrainan people still showed such love and generosity by bringing us food and sitting and spending precious time with us on a holiday which is all about family ‘’. (Alice, MVI Doctor)

Quote: “War does not determine who is right-only who is left and willing/ready to help ”. (Words by Jaka, MVI Volunteer and Medical Student)

With the increase in the atrocities of this war, thousands of people continue to seek asylum in other European countries and the presence of humanitarian organizations on the ground is very necessary to provide food, accommodation, transport, legal assistance, medical care, among other demands and needs for social assistance.

Your support is very important and does make a difference. Please consider supporting our mission.

Link: https://medical-volunteers.org/donate-now/

Demographics in Bosnia, February 2022

The one doctor, one nurse team in Bosnia saw 241 patients in February. During the cold weather, there are fewer people on the “game”, the term used amongst those on the move for the act of crossing the border. There were more people staying in camps throughout Bosnia but particularly in Sarajevo. With the warmer weather coming in March/ April, we expect to see numbers rising but not to the extent of previous years due to routes that the people on the move (POMs) take changing toward Serbia and Romania. However, there are still people in need in Velika Kladusa, Bosnia with living conditions in squats contributing to health conditions and injuries from pushback and endless cycles of going on the “game”. The team has been working hard to ensure that people receive the healthcare they desperately need.

Check the full report by Kathy, Medical Coordinator in the Balkans.

Bosnia Report February 2022