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Why donate? We rely on donations to buy medical equipment, disposables and medication. We keep our overhead costs to the absolute minimum. With your support we are able to provide primary health care to displaced people where no one else does. Approximately 50% of our patients are unregistered refugees and are not eligible for local health services. This is why our work is so important!

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Donations via Paypal

please use the Tool of the GLS bank and leave your emailadress there!

We are happy about every donation that helps us fulfil our lawful purpose, namely helping people in need! If you make a donation intended for a specific project or for one of our locations, we will make every effort to use it for that purpose.

If this is not possible, your donation will be used for other projects or locations that are also in need of funding.

The easiest way to help us is with a so-called “general” donation, i.e. a donation that does not have a specific purpose. To do this, you can simply state the keyword “worldwide aid” when making your donation.