MVI – Code of Conduct

In keeping with its vision and values, Medical Volunteers International is committed to maintaining the highest level of ethical behaviour. These guidelines highlight the most important principles of professional ethics, integrity, power of representation and protection.

Medical Volunteers International’s capacity to ensure the success of any projects depends on the ability of its people to uphold and promote the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct.

The MVI Code of Conduct holds the values and rules that Medical Volunteers International and its people shall act by to uphold and safeguard the necessary standards of conduct and to avoid misconduct.

The rules set forth in the code are intended, to ensure respect and safety for the people and communities affected by crisis with whom the Medical Volunteers International comes into contact and provides assistance, to protect our people and to project a positive image of Medical Volunteers International so as to guarantee the effectiveness and integrity of our work.

Download PDF Code of Conduct here: