Code of conduct

Thank you for investing your time and energy to volunteer for Medical Volunteers International. This document contains Medical Volunteers International’s code of conduct, which shall guide you through your work while with the organisation. The basic principle underlying the work of all volunteer organisations is “Do No Harm”. This code of conduct is therefore designed to prevent well-intended actions from having negative outcomes on our beneficiaries, as well as protect both Medical Volunteers International and yourself from negative media coverage and legal issues.

We note that these policies do not constitute, either implicitly or explicitly, a binding contractual or personal agreement. Medical Volunteers International reserves the exclusive right to change any of these policies at any time and expect adherence to the changed policies.

By agreeing to work with Medical Volunteers International, you agree to adhere to the following guidelines:

  •    Neutrality and conflicts of interest

–        Treat all people impartially and with respect, irrespective of nationality, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, religion, political opinions.

–        Do not engage in intimate relationships with any of Medical Volunteers International ’s beneficiaries, particularly sexual, romantic, emotional, financial or business relationships.

–        Do not give non-medical aid, such as money or gifts, to beneficiaries.

  •       Confidentiality and social media

–        Maintain the confidentiality of all information to which you are exposed while working with Medical Volunteers International , including both medical, legal and personal information. Referrals to other service providers must be made with the permission of a beneficiary and details should be kept to essentials.

–        Volunteers may take photos when working; however, they must ask the permission of any individuals to be captured in the photo beforehand. In the case of minors, permission must be obtained from their parents in advance.

–        If you want to share your experiences with the media, on social media or blogs, ask permission from Medical Volunteers International ’s coordinators beforehand and make it clear in the post that the words are your own and are not representative of the organisation. Remember to maintain our beneficiaries’ confidentiality – any faces/identifying features in the photos (taken with permission) must be obscured and no names should be mentioned.

  •       Illegal and unethical activities

–        Volunteers must not engage in any illegal activities, unethical activities or any activities that contravene human rights. This includes taking substances that may affect their ability to effectively carry out their role or compromise the organisation’s image. Volunteers must inform Medical Volunteers International  if they have a criminal record in any country and the organisation reserves the right to conduct a criminal background check at any time.

–        Do not consume alcohol before or during working hours

–        Do not moralize or promote a particular religion or political stance when working for Medical Volunteers International.

  •       General working guidelines

–        Respect the work schedule in order to avoid disrupting Medical Volunteers International ’s operations. If you are running late for a shift, inform the coordinators as soon as possible.

–        Although we work in hot and informal locations, dress respectfully. At a minimum, cover your shoulders, down to your knees, and everything in between.

–        Do not enter any camps in which Medical Volunteers International  is not registered to provide services, unless you have the permission of camp authorities

–        Do not invite other individuals or organisations to engage in Medical Volunteers International ’s work without the permission of a coordinator

–        Do not give advice – such as that relating to legal, accommodation or family re-unification – that you are not qualified to give. Please refer any such queries to the competent organisations and authorities.

If you are concerned about the effect of your own or any other volunteer’s actions regarding the safety of our mission and or the mental wellbeing of any PoC or volunteer, please come forward and discuss the matter with your coordinators. This is to maintain the professionalism of Medical Volunteers International  and the safety of the volunteers and PoCs.