Reflections and thoughts of our team working on the ground in Ukraine.

Unfortunately, violence against people living in Ukraine continues to increase and our team remains dedicated to providing medical care to anyone in need.

These are reflections and thoughts of our team working on the ground in Ukraine.

INTRO: ‘’While the clouds of war are roaring across the meadows of Eastern Ukraine, an endless caravan of buses is lingering towards the promises of the setting sun.’’ (Words by Jaka, Medical Student)

MORNING: ‘’ We were just starting our shift and were called straight to a car. There we found a woman who appeared very unwell, she was sweating, had blue lips and was complaining of chest pain. At first she did not want to be treated. The team was very concerned about her wellbeing and we explained this to her, after which she agreed to an assessment. After a short medical review and an ECG we diagnosed her with a suspected myocardial infarcation  and she was urgently transported to the nearest hospital by our ambulance, accompanied by one of our medics ’’. (Words by Mirjam, MVI Nurse)

SOCIAL: ‘’ For me, the social aspect of these kinds of projects is the most important. Working directly at the border crossing you do not only see people leaving, you witness families and couples being separated. While women and children can leave the country for safety, men between the ages of 18-60 have to stay behind. On most days you will see a lot of people approaching you with anxiety and stress symptoms. Many of these patients have said that seeing so many international volunteers who care about them and their situation has a big impact on the way they are feeling. Sometimes giving them a smile or a big hug is the best medicine. Even though you’re not always seeing so many patients, talking to people or playing football with kids while they wait for many hours to to leave the country is really meaningful ’’. (Words by Merle, MVI Volunteer, Paramedic and Medical Student)

CONTRAPUNCT: ‘’ We felt so loved and cared for on Ukranian Easter Holiday. Even at the darkest and most distressing time for their country, the Ukrainan people still showed such love and generosity by bringing us food and sitting and spending precious time with us on a holiday which is all about family ‘’. (Alice, MVI Doctor)

Quote: “War does not determine who is right-only who is left and willing/ready to help ”. (Words by Jaka, MVI Volunteer and Medical Student)

With the increase in the atrocities of this war, thousands of people continue to seek asylum in other European countries and the presence of humanitarian organizations on the ground is very necessary to provide food, accommodation, transport, legal assistance, medical care, among other demands and needs for social assistance.

Your support is very important and does make a difference. Please consider supporting our mission.

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