A heartwarming story from Thessaloniki.

In challenging times like these, it is good to hear stories that tell of humanity and mutual support.

Thanks to our tireless Medical Volunteers in Thessaloniki, we can tell such a story: a young man from Pakistan had to ask our team for medical help in July due to an almost completely shattered shoulder.

After three months and the unbeatable commitment of our team, he can move his shoulder more and more again. And that is almost a miracle. A car accident caused this incredibly painful and slowly healing injury to the refugee.

In mid-July the young man came to our clinic in Thessaloniki. The x-rays made it clear that the shoulder was severely injured and that there was only one possible way of treatment: an operation. However, that was anything but easy to implement. But our volunteers did not give up this time either.

mvi team Thanks to the motivation and passionate commitment of the team, the complicated operation on his shoulder was successfully carried out. It was like the task of a puzzle, the pieces of which had to be put together step by step. Day after day, the young man’s wound from Pakistan was treated by our team. The shoulder had to be immobilized for 45 days in order not to endanger the healing process.

One can only guess how difficult it must be to get through it all without the support and care of family members. The team was also in constant contact with the doctor who performed the surgery.

With increasing improvement in his physical condition, the patient was also able to gain more courage to face life.

His children and wife were so touched by this commitment and help that they thanked our team personally with voice messages.

With the help of physiotherapeutic treatment, we are now helping to mobilize his shoulder as fully as possible.

The wonderful care of our team has significantly influenced the life of this patient and gave a positive turn to the situation that seemed hopeless for him – we are deeply impressed and thank all supporters for this commitment to bring more humanity into this world!

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