Update from Lesvos

Medical Volunteers are getting back to regular medical work on Lesbos again starting from November. After the fire during the night of September 9th, the island was in chaos. First, the refugees had to stay on the streets for ten days in the sun and the hot temperatures, without having enough water to drink and without basic hygienic supplies. Afterwards, most of the former residents of Camp Moria were housed in the new camp “Kara Tepe 2”, and some of the refugees were transported to the mainland.

The Greek government had received support from the World Health Organization for medical care in the camp – a short-term emergency aid. A team of doctors from Norway provided medical care for refugees in the new camp until the end of October. Our volunteers also partially supported this.

In the medium to long term, medical assistance is to be ensured again by the non-governmental organizations that were already active before the fire. Medical Volunteers have offered to continue to treat the people in the new camp. Long and strong discussions preceded this decision. And it is a decision which has also been controversially discussed amongst our volunteers. In the end, we came to the conclusion: we help where our help is needed. With our help in the new camp, we can ensure medical care for the refugees and a dignified treatment of patients and translators from the refugee community. And thus we will try to make sure – within our competence in medical care – that refugees are well cared for.

Our political demand remains: EUROPE MUST ACT! Refugees must be given future prospects. Every country within the European Union should receive and welcome refugees and show solidarity with those countries located at Europe´s external borders, such as Greece.

#europemustact | #leavenoonebehind

Please raise your voice with us: https://de.europemustact.org/new-pact-social-media-pack

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