Quaranteam – Our volunteers telling about their time in quarantine

Quaranteam Medical Volunteers

Corona has turned many things upside down, including the start of our volunteers on site. Currently, you (still) have to go into quarantine in one of our accommodations before things can really get started. In our MVI – QUARANTEAM Edition, we introduce you to new arrivals who are or have been in quarantine due to Corona measures and want to know what and how they are keeping themselves busy. This will give you a personal impression of the great people we can count among our team.

In this interview you will learn more about Carl, Paul and Thomas who will be supporting our team in Athens. Carl is on a special mission as a filmmaker  and will document the work of our team. Paul will support the medical team as a doctor and Thomas as a nurse.

What gives you hope at the moment?  

Carl The balcony in the flat is my window to the world. I know that in four days I’ll be allowed to go out and finally drink the orange juice in the kiosk across the street, I’ve been looking at it for three days now.

Paul Today’s court decision in Münster. This gave two asylum seekers the right to reapply for asylum status in Germany, even though it had already been approved in Greece. Like us, the court found the situation of the refugees in Greece to be inhumane. 

Thomas Knowing that people from different countries still come here to help other people for free because they believe it is important.

What has been your best experience with the MVI team so far? 

Carl It’s my first time with MVI, but just the fact that they allowed me to come along as a filmmaker shows their big heart. 

Paul Witnessing that MVI can solve many concerns of different patients despite all limitations and difficult conditions. 

Thomas Accompanying patients to the hospitals and helping them. I have forced myself to do something I never thought I was capable of. I step out of my comfort zone.

Who is your most important reference person on site?

Carl Paula via WhatsApp. But non-virtually: Paul and Thomas. Otherwise I would go crazy, I think. 

Paul Same answer as Carl.

Thomas Same answer as Paul and Carl.

How has COVID-19 changed your willingness to help?

Carl Didn’t change, probably increased. Now more than ever, the story needs to be told.  

Paul My desire to provide medical help was also great before the pandemic, but I still lacked the expertise.

Thomas It didn’t. And it’s probably more important now than ever.

What hobby or passion do you share?

Carl Drinking beer and talking about everything

Paul Workout in the small space between the bed and the wall. 

Thomas Cooking.

Make three true “we” statements together. For example, “We are both in this room and we feel…” or “We both feel that…”

Carl We want to help everyone who needs it. In whatever way we can. 

Paul We prefer to work with people rather than computers.

Thomas We all enjoy a nice glass of wine on the balcony.

What surprising thing did you/do you stock up on in quarantine (no toilet paper!)?

Carl Greek olives.

Paul Haribo.

Thomas Greek yoghurt.

What similarities or hobbies have you discovered?

Carl Everybody loves my camera.

Paul Cooking.

Thomas Love of teletriage.

What problem – either yours or a global one – would you like to solve?

Carl The annoying dog in the hallway that barks all night.

Paul Wait… is there a problem?

Thomas The heating problem in our flat.

What item accompanies you through quarantine?

Carl My camera.

Paul My music box.

Thomas My mobile phone.

What song are you or are you currently listening to up and down?

Carl Sirtaki / Zorba’s dance (Official Video) – Ansamblul Dionisos

Paul Udo Juergens – Greek wine

Thomas 1,2, Police

What are you most looking forward to after this time?

Carl Finally filming something other than the four walls of the flat.

Paul Going to Aryos Park

Thomas Walking through the city

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