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… to Bosnia. 

At the border between Bosnia and Croatia, more than thousands of refugees are currently forced to hold out – with the aim of reaching Europe. Numerous media reports confirm the shocking and inhumane living conditions that prevail there. 

People from Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh and Pakistan are trying to reach Slovenia and the Schengen area via the so-called Balkan route (via Croatia), hoping to start a better life there. This is prevented by the Croatian police with might and main, as a multitude of documented violent push-backs proves.

Getting active is part of our DNA – that is why we have been helping since November with a small team to secure the medical care of the people in and around Velika Kladuša. To be as flexible as possible, we support with a mobile team and are also available for patients via messenger. Through the cooperation of NGOs on the ground, we strive to provide the best possible care for the refugees. Nevertheless, the work of non-governmental organizations is made much more difficult – humanitarian aid for refugees is officially not allowed. 

But: Medical care is a human right – we help where our help is needed. 

With your support we can at least provide refugees in Bosnia with the medical care they should be entitled to. If you are interested in volunteering in Bosnia, please register on our website and we will contact you personally with more information. 

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